Vivek Ramaswamy Envisions a Pivotal Role for Donald Trump Upon White House Victory"

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Ramaswamy's plan for Trump's advisory role if he wins 2024 election.

Ramaswamy aims to continue Trump's policies against administrative state and establish his agenda.

Ramaswamy avoids repeating errors, plans fresh strategies for effective governance following Trump's path.

Ramaswamy vows to overcome civil service hurdles, enacting mass layoffs in federal bureaucracy.

Scrutiny over Ramaswamy's inconsistent statements about Mike Pence's 2020 election role emerges.

Ramaswamy's controversial likening of Rep. Ayanna Pressley raises debates and concerns.


Ramaswamy acknowledges Trump's greatness while contesting against him in the 2024 election.


Ramaswamy plans Trump's advisory role, capitalizing on his experience for potential White House.


Ramaswamy's partnership proposal with Trump aims to advance shared goals and objectives.


Ramaswamy-Trump collaboration adds intrigue to the election, showcasing evolving political strategies and alliances.